<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<simplespace shapesURL="file:/home/panos/tmp/pfn/kshower/doc/samples/Test%20shapes%203.kshower" >
 <Database x="52" y="109" z="0" />
 <Text_rect x="161" y="221" z="0" text="Memory space" />
 <Canvas text1="Graphical presentation" x="305" y="92" z="0" />
 <Arrow2 endpoint="300,148" x="321" y="444" z="0" startpoint="219,217" />
 <Arrow2 endpoint="177,217" x="268" y="475" z="0" startpoint="90,139" />
 <Arrow1 endpoint="235,217" x="386" y="284" z="0" startpoint="298,164" />
 <Arrow1 endpoint="93,131" x="353" y="183" z="0" startpoint="171,204" />
 <Text text1="Some arbitrary space" x="23" y="169" z="0" />
 <Text text1="holds the objects" x="33" y="187" z="0" />
 <Text text1="All data is bidirectional." x="125" y="141" z="0" />
 <Text text1="The memory space inside the kshower" x="135" y="281" z="0" />
 <Text text1="connects the arbirary space with" x="143" y="297" z="0" />
 <Text text1="This offers a generic toolset." x="317" y="198" z="0" />
 <Text text1="the visual presentation." x="163" y="313" z="0" />